Perfect Vintage Perfumes to Try This Winter

Perfect Vintage Perfumes to Try This Winter

This winter, are you looking for a new scent? Have you ever considered trying vintage perfumes? This winter, we’re here with some vintage scents that you should try. Or, if you have a discontinued or vintage fragrance in mind, make sure you shop our collection at Fragrance Original.

Start Winter with the Perfect Vintage Perfume 

Read through some of our favorite vintage perfumes and change up your scent this winter or find the perfect gift for that vintage perfume collector in your life! 

Balmain Vent Vert 

The original Vent Vert perfume was created in 1947 and then relaunched in both 1990 and 1999. The latest version is made distinct by the stronger tones of amber and wood. 

From the green bottle to the name, the Vent Very from Pierre Balmain is the perfect scent to try this winter. With top notes of leafy green and undertones of jasmine, oakmoss, and musk, this vintage perfume gives you the perfect mix of a floral fragrance with warmer, winter tones. While the floral tones might give this perfume a feminine appeal, the musky tones also make this an empowering masculine scent. 

Christian Dior Dioressence 

This perfume from Christian Dior is known for its mysterious sensuality that is due in part to the scents of cinnamon, patchouli, and geranium. When you choose a bottle of Disoressence this winter, you have found the perfect enchanting, feminine scent. 

Christian Dior Miss Dior 

Miss Dior is a powerful, floral, and feminine scent. As the pink color of this vintage perfume suggests, Miss Dior from Christian Dior is made with notes of rose and other floral scents. We choose this as a winter scent because the rose is balanced with other notes, like rosewood, bergamot, and pink pepper, adding warmer tones to this fragrance.  

Guerlain Mitsouko 

This Mitsouko by Guerlain for Women is a powerful eau de parfum. Guerlain describes the scent as “mysterious, balanced, [and] velvety.” This is due to the smell of jasmine and rose that mixes with other spicy notes, like underbrush and vetiver. 

Another factor that sets this vintage perfume apart is that it comes in the iconic Golden Bee bottle, first created in 1853. 

Lanvin Arpège

The first iteration of this vintage perfume was created in 1927 and was known for its strong floral tones. Since then, the formula has been tweeked with a more recent construction in 1993. The notes present in Arpège include bergamot, honeysuckle, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla, giving it the perfect balance for winter. 

Find Vintage Perfumes this Winter 

We hope that this post leaves you inspired to find the perfect vintage perfume. Shop Fragrance Original today and find a scent you’ll love. 

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