5 Reasons to Buy Discontinued Fragrances

5 Reasons to Buy Discontinued Fragrances

What do you think of when you hear the word “discontinued”?

Chances are you think of a product that was either faulty or unpopular. In most industries, this logic holds. Discontinued cars are lemons; discontinued computers are obsolete; and, discontinued clothing never fit well in the first place.

In the world of fragrances for men and women, however, “discontinued” means something else entirely — it means rare, unique, and classic.

FragranceOriginal sells popular discontinued fragrances online exactly for this reason.

5 Reasons to Buy Discontinued Fragrances

Consider these five benefits of buying discontinued fragrances instead of buying newer releases in stores!

1. Discontinued fragrances are unique

When you wear a discontinued fragrance, you light up the room with your individual scent. Sharing a signature scent with a million other women doesn’t exactly make it “signature.” However, when you find a discontinued fragrance to wear, you automatically set yourself apart. Wearing a discontinued fragrance means you won’t smell like a trip down the department store aisle; instead, you’ll smell classic, elegant, and unique.

2. Discontinued fragrances are historic

Many perfume houses discontinue fragrances not because they’re unpopular or faulty, but rather because they have newer scents they want to feature.

Take Y by Yves Saint Laurent, for example. It was first released by the powerhouse designer in 1964 as its iconic scent.

When you wear Y, you pay homage to the classic scents of these design houses. Additionally, wearing these historic discontinued fragrances is akin to wearing antique jewelry or your grandmother’s diamond ring. It’s timeless.

3. You can order discontinued fragrances online

Instead of having to go to the department store, it’s really easy to buy discontinued fragrances online.

You can search for the exact scent you want, or browse entire catalogs of discontinued designer perfumes to find a perfume from your favorite designer or from a scent family you love.

Be sure when you order online that the perfumes you order are 100 percent authentic. If you aren’t sure, contact the company to be certain that you’re getting completely original, never knock-off scents.

4. You can research the products

New perfumes don’t quite have the same following as classic, discontinued ones. When you search for older scents, you can easily find information on their notes, fragrance characteristics, pictures of their bottle, information about their original release, and anything else you’d want to know.

In stores, however, usually all you get is the promotional material associated with the perfume.

5. Discontinued fragrances are like fine wine

Perfumes, like wine, get better as they age. Assuming proper storage, a perfume’s bass notes will come out just as fully now as they would have in the 1970s. Additionally, scents that were abundant back in the day might be much more rare now, making for an even more refined smell.


At FragranceOriginal, we carry discontinued designer fragrances in addition to women’s perfume and men’s cologne.

If you want to stand out and make your signature scent truly signature, be sure to browse our selection of top-quality, 100-percent original discontinued fragrances today!