4 Ways To Tell If A Vintage Fragrance Is Authentic

4 Ways To Tell If A Vintage Fragrance Is Authentic

When you’re buying anything in the “vintage” category, you run a similar risk. Unless you’re a real expert in the category, you might not understand the nuances that define vintage pieces. How are you supposed to know if it’s a real Duncan Phyfe couch, aside from trusting the furniture salesperson? Your gut tells you that coin from 1776 is a fake, but the person speaking to you about it sounds so educated!

In the world of vintage fragrances, the same trend holds. Generally, though, following a few guidelines can help you sniff out the real vintage perfumes and those that are imitations.

1. Find A Trusted Vintage Fragrance Seller

There’s nothing more important to buying vintage fragrances than finding a trusted seller. But, how exactly can you verify if a seller is trusted if you’re ordering online?

These traits usually signal a verified seller:

  • A detailed website with product specifications (including size, price, weight ,etc.) listed
  • Customer reviews both onsite and off site
  • A shopping cart of PayPal feature, as this means the company had to disclose their personal information
  • An organized, professional website
  • An “About Us” section complete with FAQs, a comprehensive return policy, and a contact form
  • Shipping policies

When in doubt, contact your online seller! If they can answer your questions, point you to reviews, and speak intelligently about their products, you should feel more comfortable ordering your vintage fragrance online.

2. Take A Look At The Price

While it’s human nature to want to find the best deal on a product, you should be wary of vintage fragrances that seem too inexpensive. After all, vintage fragrances are usually rare and classic. A $20 price tag should signal a red flag.

3. Pay Attention To The Packaging

Authentic vintage fragrances should come in their original packaging, plain and simple. If they do not have the original packaging, it’s a reason to be skeptical. Make sure your vintage fragrance store states explicitly that the packaging will be included, shows a picture so you know what to expect, and features a description of the packaging.

When you get the vintage fragrance, you can check to make sure the packaging is authentic and not recycled. Check that cellophane is wrapped tightly around the product, not loosely or improperly. If the packaging seems cheap, it’s a sign that your perfume is a knock-off.

4. Read The Label

This is a good rule of thumb for just about any product, but it’s especially important for vintage fragrances. Once you get the perfume, actually read the label. Does the label have proper grammar and information? Do the fonts look professional? Does it match with other versions of this vintage perfume? Is there a barcode on the back of the box?

These are all questions you can ask as you assess the quality of your vintage fragrance.

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