Issey Miyake

LE FEU D'ISSEY By Issey Miyake 1.6 Oz EDT (Rare Item)

Le Feu D’Issey by Issey Miyake is a rare, discontinued perfume that will light a spark as your signature scent.

  • Spraying Le Feu D’Issey transports you to a wintertime French market, with warm scents of fresh bread, spiced wine, and orange peel.
  • Top notes of this discontinued perfume include bergamot, coconut, anise and rosewood.
  • The base notes add to Le Feu D’Issey’s unique scent with scents of cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, and musk.
  • Le Feu D’Issey lasts all night and strikes an impeccable balance between its fruity top notes and milky base notes.

Le Feu D’Issey has been gone from department store shelves for awhile, but those who smelled its intensely unique smell still crave this discontinued perfume. A controversial scent for its milkiness, Le Feu D’Issey starts sweet and then mellows out into a beautifully balanced scent profile. This women’s perfume from Issey Miyake gets rarer each day, so you should order a bottle from Fragrance Original before they are all gone!

  • 1.6-ounce Le Feu D’Issey by Issey Miyake eau de parfum bottle
  • Brilliant orange and red circular bottle
  • Totally original discontinued perfume and packaging