Why do Manufacturers Discontinue Fragrances?

Why do Manufacturers Discontinue Fragrances?

When you find a scent you love, sometimes it can be hard to convince yourself to try something new. But what happens when your favorite fragrance becomes hard-to-find, only for you to discover that your favorite scent was discontinued? 

Sometimes certain scents become discontinued, and there’s nothing worse than discovering that your go-to smell is no more. This might happen without warning, or you might be searching for a nostalgic scent you haven’t had in years only to discover it’s not manufactured anymore. 

But why are these scents discontinued? Learn more about why manufacturers stop making fragrances. But if you’re not quite ready to give up your favorite fragrance, shop our selection of discontinued fragrances at Fragrance Original and see if we have your long-lost scent. 

Discontinued Fragrances 

There are certain instances when designers will choose to discontinue certain fragrances, whether it’s by choice or from a different external factor that’s out of their control. 

To better understand where that designer might be coming from, read through some different reasons that your favorite fragrances might have been discontinued. 

Not Selling Enough Products

All perfume and cologne companies want to turn a profit on the fragrances they sell. This process involves ordering a large volume of ingredients from different manufacturers. By ordering this mass quantity, the company is able to keep costs low and create high-quality, designer fragrances. 

But if these products are not selling, or they are not meeting the demand the company expected, their profits might begin to suffer. This can lead a company to discontinue a scent because they can’t afford to continue creating the scent at the high volume they need, and they can’t afford the higher costs of ordering smaller quantities from manufacturers. 

Ultimately, if not enough people are buying the scents, companies will opt for better-performing scents, discontinuing a fragrance you might love. 

They Are Unable to Find the Ingredients

Each scent is made from a carefully selected mixture of ingredients that make the scent you know and love. But, sometimes a company might be unable to find a key ingredient for that perfume. This can happen if the product is no longer made or if they would have to order the ingredients at a much higher cost from a different manufacturer. 

When the company’s only other choice is to tweak or change the fragrance you love, they might opt for discontinuing that fragrance to make space for a new one. 

Unable to Recreate a Scent 

When it comes down to the scent of a perfume, it’s not just the ingredients that create that unique smell — the way the ingredients are used also result in that specific scent. At times, this fact can be what causes a fragrance to be discontinued. 

Have you ever bought a second bottle of a perfume you loved but it smelled a little off or just not right? That might be because that manufacturer is unable to recreate the exact scent from the first batch of perfume. If they are unable to perfectly recreate that same mixture, that might prompt them to discontinue that fragrance. 

Legalities of Certain Products 

As you probably know, most perfumes are not made with 100% natural ingredients. We’ve already talked about the important role specific ingredients play in making the scents you love. So when a certain ingredient is found to cause irritations, or becomes something that cannot be sold or imported from a specific country, the manufacturer might find themselves unable to create that scent, resulting in a discontinued fragrance. 

New Scents

If a company kept every scent they ever created, this would make it very hard for them to introduce new scents. But this also means that the company will have to evaluate which scents are performing the least and choose to discontinue those scents to make room for newer and fresher scents. 

If you look at it this way, having your favorite designer discontinue your favorite scent might be a good thing. That means you can look forward to new scents from the same designer — maybe with traces of the scent you loved from their discontinued fragrance. 

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We hope that this post gave you a better understanding into why your favorite fragrance may have been discontinued. 

Just because your favorite fragrance has been discontinued doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find it ever again. At Fragrance Original, we work to find discontinued fragrances and vintage fragrances so you can keep enjoying the scent you love!