Reasons To Give Vintage Fragrances For the Holidays

Reasons To Give Vintage Fragrances For the Holidays

This holiday season, think beyond the clothes, electronics, and concert tickets. See how giving the gift of vintage fragrances is thoughtful and practical.

At Fragrance Original, we often hear from people who are skeptical to gift perfumes or colognes. What if they already have a signature scent? What if this isn’t the smell they like? What message does it send if I’m giving them something to change their smell?

While we understand the root of all these questions, we want to ease your worries. There’s truly no better gift than vintage fragrances — check out why below.

1. Vintage Fragrances Are Unique

There’s a very slim chance that your loved one will be able to find vintage fragrances in an average department store. In fact, that’s what makes vintage perfumes so attractive in the first place. They’re timeless, unique scents that people won’t just happen across at a perfume counter.

Plus, vintage fragrances can serve as a beautiful collector’s item. Make sure to find a vintage fragrance that comes in the original packaging. This way, you can be sure you’re getting the authentic, designer perfume you ordered in the first place.

2. Vintage Fragrances Require Thought

It’s very easy to go to the mall and find any old perfume that the salesperson sprays. Researching and ordering top vintage perfumes, however, shows that you care. It’s still easy enough because you can order online, but it shows your loved one that you really put time into the gift.

In an ideal world, you also know exactly what perfume your wife, mother, or mother-in-law wishes she could find on shelves. If you can find the vintage fragrance she used to wear all the time, you’ll be the favorite gift-giver of the year. The same goes for cologne.

Instead of raiding their perfume collection, you could subtly mention that they smell good one day. Then, they might tell you what perfume they’re wearing — this will give you a sense of what scent profiles and perfume houses they like! If you can, you might also want to ask them if they’ve always worn that perfume. You could mention that it smells different than the perfume you remember. Hopefully, this’ll encourage them to chat to you about older perfumes they loved that might be discontinued!

3. You Can Order Online

We mentioned this point above, but it’s worth highlighting. It’s extremely easy to buy vintage fragrances online. Our online store, Fragrance Original, for instance, carries thousands of classic vintage perfumes and colognes.

Be sure to check customer reviews when you order online. Customers will be able to tell you whether the fragrance was authentic, if the packaging was in good condition, and if it shipped quickly.

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This holiday season, add sense and scents to your gift-giving routine.