How to Choose a Signature Scent

How to Choose a Signature Scent

As humans, our sense of smell is by far the longest lasting.

Long after images of a beautiful sunrise on the beach have faded, we can still smell the salty ocean air. Long after our taste buds have dissolved the memory of our grandmother’s cooking, our nose brings us right back into her kitchen. Long after we forget the sound of someone’s voice, we remember the way they smelled as they sat next to us on the park bench.

Having a signature smell means having a signature presence.

So, how do we choose something that’s so foundational to our character and our legacy?

At FragranceOriginal, we specialize in discontinued fragrances for men and women. We’ve been in the fragrance industry for years, and we have compiled these tips that we’ve found most helpful in choosing a signature scent.

1. Think about your favorite season

Because our sense of smell is so intimately tied to our memories, we tend to be attracted to smells that give us positive associations.

While your mom or best friend might have a positive association, you don’t necessarily want to smell like them! After all, that wouldn’t be very “signature” of you.

Instead, we recommend thinking about your favorite season and the one that holds the most positive memories. If you thrive in flip flops, on a beach, and during warm summer days, you might want a fruitier fragrance. If you prefer the green blossoming of spring, consider a floral scent instead.

2. Describe yourself in three words

If you had only three adjectives at your disposal, how would you describe yourself?

For those of you who described yourselves as bright, optimistic, and sweet, consider a signature perfume that has the same profile.

We recommend Escada Margaretha Ley as a starting point — with brilliant notes of peach, hyacinth, and coconut, this discontinued scent is as bright as you.

If you’re more adventurous, independent, and fiery, try L’inderdit by Givenchy. The name of this discontinued fragrance translates to, “forbidden,” so it’s certainly designed for the rule-breakers among us.

3. Wear a scent for a few hours

You might initially hate a scent, but then grow to love it after a few hours. Perfumes have a tendency to mellow out once they’ve been applied, so be patient and give it at least a day to truly discern whether you love or loathe a scent.

Similarly, make sure to put the scent directly on your skin. While this might break the rule of “walking through the perfume cloud” that you typically follow, direct skin contact allows for a much better idea of the scent and whether it works for you.


Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for in a signature scent, be sure to browse our collection of discontinued fragrances for women and men!

We also feature popular women’s perfumes and men’s colognes, so check out these items as well on your search for your signature scent.

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