Choosing a Scent for the Summer

Choosing a Scent for the Summer

While there are certain scents that are classic all year round, you might want to consider updating your signature scent for the summer.

With balmier, hotter air in the summertime, heavier scents have a tendency to leave others in that cloud of thick, overpowering perfume. Scents that might light up a winter ball instead oppress a summer barbeque.

FragranceOriginal has put together this guide for choosing a summer scent, so you won’t have to worry if your perfume is off-putting.

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Shop Eau De Toilette Instead of Eau De Parfum

Eau de Toilette (EDT) vs. Eau De Parfum (EDP) isn’t just a matter of different French terminology. In fact, EDT is much less concentrated than EDP, making it preferable for the summer. Because the concentration is lower, EDTs are lighter and leave less sillage (that perfume cloud).

Certain EDPs will be light and fruity in nature, so you don’t need to write off EDPs complete. Just be mindful as you select your EDT or EDP that you’re getting a lighter scent.

Find a Scent With Fruity Citrus Notes and Woody Bases

Fruity and woody smells compliment summer. After all, what’s more iconic in summertime than ripened berries and an illuminated forest?

Fragrances that have fruity scents on the nose, such as orange, lemon, and pear, are usually light by nature. Because these notes are light, woody bases have a better time anchoring the scent.

L de Lolita Lempicka is an excellent example of an appropriate summer time scent. This discontinued fragrance features top notes of orange and bergamot while base notes of sandalwood and tonka bean provide that earthy quality.

We also have to mention Sun Moon Stars by Karl Lagerfeld. This dazzling discontinued fragrance for women features floral notes with an orange blossom. Base notes of amber and musk round out the perfume without adding too much weight.

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Look For Discontinued Scents

There are ample benefits related to buying discontinued perfume, but customer reviews are the chief among them. You don’t need to be the guinea pig for these classic, timeless scents. You don’t need to go into the store and just trust that a newly released scent will be a good one. Instead, you can see what other users have said about the perfume, including whether it’s light enough for summer but full enough to be memorable.

You can order discontinued perfume online without needing to worry about whether they’ll work this summer — hundreds of women for the last decade have sworn by these scents for a reason!


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