Are You Applying Cologne Correctly?

Are You Applying Cologne Correctly?

There’s having a signature scent — and then there’s being that guy who wears way too much cologne. Striking the balance between smelling great and smelling too strongly is a delicate one, but luckily there are a few tried-and-true methods for applying cologne.

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How To Put On Cologne

The first step of ensuring you smell great (but not too great) is applying your cologne effectively.

1. Take A Shower

Whenever possible, take a shower before you apply cologne. This will ensure that your pores are opened up, proving an excellent foundation for your signature scent.

Plus, if you’re not showered, then the cologne scent particles can mix poorly with the oils on your skin and any dirt you might’ve accrued.

2. Spray Away From The Skin

Do not — we repeat, do not — spray your cologne next to your skin. This is setting yourself up for failure because your scent will be too strong.

Instead, keep your fragrance at least eight inches away from the body. From there, one light application will do. Choose one or two (at most) areas for application. These should be pulse points, such as:

  • Wrists
  • Neck
  • Behind your ears
  • Elbows
  • Chest

For fragrances without a spray mechanism, you should dab the cologne. One dab is completely sufficient, though it can be tempting to dab a few times and apply to different areas of the body. Be sure to wash your hands after dabbing, as even the lingering scent on your hands can make it overpowering.

3. Avoid The Urge To Rub

There’s nothing that will diminish the scent of your cologne quite like rubbing your wrists together. Instead of rubbing the cologne in — which actually disappears the scent — make sure to leave it alone and let it dry on the skin.

Additionally, when you rub and weaken the scent, you’ll be more inclined to reapply the cologne. Reapplication is the foe of putting on cologne effectively. The more you reapply, the more you layer the scent and change its character.

4. Avoid Sweaty Areas

We can treat cologne like deodorant. If it makes us smell good, why not apply it to the areas that make us smell the worst?

While we understand the logic, applying cologne to sweaty areas, such as the underarms, is a bad move. When the cologne scent mixes with body odor, it creates a muddled, odiferous scent.

5. Choose A Vintage Fragrance

“They don’t make them like they used to” rings true in the world of men’s cologne. If you’re looking for a classic scent that isn’t muddled by unnecessary complexity, you’re looking for a discontinued fragrance. See (or smell) why vintage fragrances have withstood the test of time.

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