7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Any Perfume Lover

7 Holiday Gift Ideas for Any Perfume Lover

When it comes to getting holiday gifts for your friends and family, you might not know where to start. But if you’re shopping for a perfume lover, we have you covered! 

Read through our list to find some great holiday gift ideas for that perfume lover that’s hard to shop for. Take a look at our selection at Fragrance Original and feel prepared for the holidays!  


Candles are like perfume but for your home. If you have a friend or family member who is obsessed with their perfume, you might not feel qualified to pick out a new perfume for them to try. But you can never go wrong with a candle or two! 

Do you know what their favorite perfume fragrance is? Find a candle with a similar scent combination that compliments their go-to perfume scent. 

Holiday Bath Gift Set 

You know that the perfume lover in your life loves standing out with their bold fragrance. But do they already have too many bottles of their favorite perfume? Carry that love for smelling fresh and sophisticated into their bath routine with a holiday bath gift set. 

Perfume Sample Set

If you have someone in your life who is obsessed with fragrances, give them a set of perfume to try out this year. It’s a great way to acknowledge their passion and allow them to test out new scents. 

If you want to go the extra mile, consider shopping for vintage perfumes. At Fragrance Original, we have a wide selection of vintage perfume that make the perfect holiday gift.

Incense Burner

Incense is a great way to fill your home with powerful aromas. If your perfume lover loves strong scents, they will love some incense.

Beyond that, there are many different health benefits associated with incense that range from reducing heart rates to soothing your nerve pathways and making you feel relaxed.  

Discontinued Fragrances

When you find a perfume or fragrance you love, you might never feel like switching it up again. If you know someone whose favorite fragrance was discontinued, shop our selection of discontinued fragrances for an amazing holiday surprise! 

Pillow Spray

Have you heard of pillow spray? Made with essential oils, just a few spritzes will help your friend relax after a long or stressful day. See if you can find a unique blend that you know they’ll love and give them the good night’s rest they deserve!

Makeup Organizer

If your friend or family member loves perfume, there’s a high chance that they have more bottles of perfume than they have the space for. Find a makeup organizer that helps them consolidate their collection and display it in a professional way. When they realize they have room for more perfumes, they’ll thank you! 

Shop Our Discontinued Fragrances

Do you feel better equipped to tackle your holiday shopping? At Fragrance Original, we have a wide selection of discontinued fragrances. If you’re looking for a perfect holiday gift for a perfume lover, see if we have a bottle of their favorite discontinued fragrance in stock!